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Colegio Lumen is located in the Trinidad neighborhood and is easily accessible from
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Colegio Lumen believes that a
child develops his full potential
when families and school work
together in an atmosphere of
academic excellence,
   responsibility and respect.


Colegio Lumen is a private educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture by

resolution Number 4 on June 28, 1998. It meets all the national standards of education and all the specific goals

of the MEC.

Lumen was founded in 1996 as a bilingual school offering the Paraguayan course of studies and the North

American curriculum from kindergarten up through high school. These studies are taught in Spanish and English in

every core subject and enriched by activities particular to Lumen.

From an academic perspective the goal of Colegio Lumen is that each student, by the end of primary and

secondary school, be prepared to enter university studies either in Paraguay or any English speaking country.

Lumen also seeks to address the whole person by shaping its students’ sense of cultural awareness. It is a

diverse community composed of teachers of different nationalities, enrichment programs and a full library of

materials in two languages.

Colegio Lumen is a secular school without religious instruction in any particular religion or creed. It seeks

to affirm the values that all religions share such as common understanding, respect, unity, and harmony

between all members of the community.