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Colegio Lumen is located in the Trinidad neighborhood and is easily accessible from
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Colegio Lumen believes that a
child develops his full potential
when families and school work
together in an atmosphere of
academic excellence,
   responsibility and respect.


Colegio Lumen is a private bilingual Spanish-English educational institution located in Asunción, Paraguay. It is

fully accredited by the Paraguayan Ministry of Education and Culture. Its academic program offers the complete

Paraguayan national curriculum taught in Spanish and the complete American curriculum, which meets all the

requirements for high school graduation.

The school has an enrolment of 600 students from Kinder to 12th Grade. There are two sections at each grade

level, up to 9th Grade, with class sizes of 20-25 students. The school year follows the calendar of activities

established by the Ministry of Education, which runs from mid February until the end of November, with a two

week break in July for winter vacation. The daily schedule is half day for preprimary grades and from 8:00 a.m.

to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, for 1st to 12th grades.

The educational program is divided with a half day in English and a half day in Spanish. The English program is

modeled after educational curricula found in private American schools and uses books and material brought from

the United States. The subjects are taught by qualified teachers, most of them native speakers. The Spanish

program classes are taught by Paraguayan teachers fully certified to teach according to Ministry regulations.

Besides regular disciplines, other special classes are taught, including Physical Education, Computer Science, Music,

and Art. At the High School level a range of elective subjects are offered that include French, Latin, Drama,

Debate, Anatomy, School Newspaper, Yearbook and preparation for SAT (Scholastic Aptitud Test).

At the end of each marking period, report cards go home for the English and Spanish programs. Parent/teacher

conferences take place twice a year, in April and September, so that parents may interact with teachers and follow

their child´s progress.

Colegio Lumen opened its doors in February 1996 for Kindergarten children, and from that year on has

continued to grow, opening a grade or section every year. The school has been eagerly accepted by the community

and is now one of the preferred bilingual schools in Asuncion.

The school had its first graduating class in November 2009. Graduates have been accepted and enrolled in local

universities including the National University, the Catholic University, and in universities in the United States

and other countries.